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I am Ken Krieger, CHP, NRRPT and I have a Masters degree from Texas A & M University (TAMU) Nuclear Engineering Dept  in Health Physics. I am certified as a C.H.P. (Certified Health Physicist) and a NRRPT (Nationaly Registered Radiation Protection Technologist)  There are only about 1,300 CHPs in the U.S. that have this certification.  It is the highest professional certification given in the radiation safety field.  I have about 19 years experience in the radiation safety field and about 16 years experience in industrial safety working at a school, an industrial gauge manufacturer, a hospital, and now an environmental remediation company.   To find out more about me, you can look at my resume

I am a member of the national Health Physics Society(HPS) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS).  I was on the Public Education Committee of the HPS, and its chairman for two years, and this website is part of my efforts to communicate with the public about radiation.

For many years I have been going to the meetings and listening to all the talks about the benefits of radiation to our lives. All the information that was discussed in the meeting was nice, but all the people there already knew this. I thought that this information needed to be given to the people that did not have the extensive background that all these other people have.

The Public needs and wants this information,

so this is what this site and I will hopefully do. There are websites that have more information on it than I do, but I have tried to put it a form that most people can understand. If you are looking for the answers to some radiation related question, something you have always been curious about, or just want some information about radiation you can hopefully find it here. If I donít know the answer, I know people in all areas of radiation and radiation safety and I know I will find the answer and get back to you. I have put together some FAQs, definitions, and some other sites that can give you good background information on radiation, uses of radiation, and how you use it everyday. There's also a section on this site that talks about testing tools for software measuring devices and how tools and technology (like LoadView) is used.

If you still want more information, Tell You What Iím Gonna Do. If you want more info than can be found on these pages, I will come to wherever you are and talk to you about radiation, its safety, its uses, its benefits, and yes even its problems. If you have a group that wants to know about radiation, be it a class, school, Kiwanis club, community, or whatever, if you get me there and have a place for me to stay I will come and talk to you. I have an 8 hour presentation prepared that hits on the basics of what radiation is, its applications, how we measure it, its biological effects, and a lot more. There will be plenty of time for questions as well. I have lectured and talked from elementary level all the way to engineers.

So if you want to ask a question and your question seems to ring a bell with many people, I will add it to the list of questions that have been collected.

The Nonprofit Radiation Initiative

In order to get the word out about radiation and spread the word on radiation related information, a variety of websites have banded together to form the Nonprofit Radiation Initiative. This is a great movement that helps educate the public and teach them about radiation and science. There are a lot of different websites that are part of this initiative, ranging from small personal websites to larger more popular publications. Regardless of the size of the publication, the goal is to educate the public on the effects of radiation and help them understand how radiation works on a simple, not super technical level. Most of these nonprofit sites are run on extremely small budgets via nonprofit website hosting (you can read more about this on Instructify.com) and don't have a ton of people running each one. They are mostly community led efforts to help educate the public. In the future, there will be a running list of these sites listed here below this paragraph.

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